10 Things I Can See From Here by Carrie Mac


Title: 10 Things I Can See From Here
Author: Carrie Mac

Genre: YA, Mental Health, LGBTQ

Published February 28th 2017 by Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers

Rating: 5/5



Think positive.
Don’t worry; be happy.
Keep calm and carry on.

Maeve has heard it all before. She’s been struggling with severe anxiety for a long time, and as much as she wishes it was something she could just talk herself out of, it’s not. She constantly imagines the worst, composes obituaries in her head, and is always ready for things to fall apart. To add to her troubles, her mom—the only one who really gets what Maeve goes through—is leaving for six months, so Maeve will be sent to live with her dad in Vancouver.

Vancouver brings a slew of new worries, but Maeve finds brief moments of calm (as well as even more worries) with Salix, a local girl who doesn’t seem to worry about anything. Between her dad’s wavering sobriety, her very pregnant stepmom insisting on a home birth, and her bumbling courtship with Salix, this summer brings more catastrophes than even Maeve could have foreseen. Will she be able to navigate through all the chaos to be there for the people she loves?



I want to thank Penguin Random House International for the advance reader’s copy!


Fair warning for everyone who experiences anxiety and panic attacks I wouldn’t recommend you reading this book because this book has ANXIETY written all over it! I too somehow got a little bit triggered but I managed to get through it! This book is definitely not for everyone to read. But it’s not a reason for me to hold back from reading it!

Let’s talk about why I loved this book so much!

This book is a great mental illness representation when it comes to anxiety/panic attacks! Maeve is suffering from severe anxiety, as you progress through the story you can see how she feels every time. Though the book can be triggering to some especially to those who have anxiety. Nevertheless it made me realize what a person who suffers from it really feels. It’s hard for them to focus on things that are real at times. They tend to be lost in the world of overthinking situations. This book tackles problems like drugs, alcohol addiction, sexual assault, mental illness etc.

The characters are everything to me! The family dynamic in this book is everything! The events happening felt so real like it’s an actual representation of every living person. The way the author has written this book is pure perfection and a great channel to readers to understand people who struggles with anxiety or any mental illness. I love the female to female relationship going on with Maeve and Salix! Salix’s character is one of the best, I love how she was cool with everything, she always lends an ear to Maeve! Claire, Maeve’s very pregnant step-mom is the step-mom you want to have, I liked her character a lot and also Owen AHHH he’s the cutest. I just want him to be real and be my real baby brother! The only characters I didn’t like in this book was her parents though I learned to appreciate her dad’s character in the end. 

The way the author acknowledged sexual assault in this book is what I loved! Whatever sexuality you have you are not excused from doing bad things to other people. SEXUAL ASSAULT IS SEXUAL ASSAULT! Gender doesn’t limit you from being a victim of such things. If you’re experiencing these kinds of acts don’t be afraid to speak up, I know there will always be those people who will wholeheartedly listen to you!

I need to point out the very important thing in this book! Mental illness can’t be cured by love. Maeve and Salix’s relationship was sweet and cute though it was kinda instalovey. Salix had a great effect towards Maeve’s health. She would comfort her in times when she needed her the most. Salix was there for her! At the end of the book you can see how much change happened to Maeve but she wan’t magically cured. She still had anxiety but now she learned how not to get her fears swallow her up. She was surrounded by the people that she loves the most, her family and friends. She also appreciated herself for doing the things at first she thought was going to be a disaster. I may not know how a certain person with severe anxiety feels but this book gave me a whole new perspective about it!




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