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A Day in Louvre

History is a collection of triumphs and tragedies.
Museums are proof of its marvel.

As a person who enjoys going to museums and loves history. It has been on my bucket list to visit the Louvre in Paris, France. So when I heard about the news last year that we would be having our own Louvre here in Abu Dhabi. I can’t contain my happiness.


I and my brother just booked a ticket online a day before our planned visit to the museum. Suddenly, luck struck me I was so sick when I woke up and wasn’t feeling any good at all but I tried to sleep nausea away. It kinda worked so I powered through the whole trip. Oops

You can get your tickets online or in the museum itself.  You can also get your multimedia guide to fully immerse yourself to the wonders the museum has to offer, it’s like having an audio-guided tour. It will only cost you around AED 20 or around $5. Ticket prices here are cheap compared to other tourist spots in the city. It will only cost you around $16 for regular admission and for 22 years old below $8. For complimentary tickets; children under 13-year-old, Louvre AUH art club members, journalists and disabled visitors with one companion. Your ticket includes admission to the museum galleries, exhibitions, children’s museum and public spaces underneath the dome.

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Louvre, Abu Dhabi has 12 Gallery consisting of artworks and sculptures by renowned artists around the world during different civilizations; Ancient Egypt, Greece, Roman Empire, Renaissance period, Chinese dynasties and a lot more. It also has a museum cafe, restaurant, boutique, and art lounge. They basically have everything. I love how spacious each room of every gallery was. I had to mention that every corner of this museum has couches, I repeat all corners have!!!! It’s a blessing since you can really rest when you get tired of walking because the place is so huge.

Walking through every gallery was a fun adventure for me since I was like traveling back through time.

Bust of Alexander the Great, known as “Inopos” (3rd-1st centuries BC)
Louis XIII between Two Women Symbolising France & Navarre France, 1630-1640
My brother and a Roman Sarcophagus 
Persian Archer – Achaemenid Empire Iran, Susa about 510 BCE
Apollo doing his thing
La Belle Ferrioniere – Leonardo Da Vinci (Louvre Museum, Paris)
Behind me is the Cuneiform wall with excerpts from the Creation Myth tablet (Berlin)

My favorite part was when we were at the plaza! The beauty of the dome museum was designed by architect Jean Novel. Its true magnificence comes out when you see the spectrum of sunlight bursting from the ceiling.


My trip to the Louvre, Abu Dhabi was definitely worth it! It makes me happy that there’s still a lot of people who care about the arts and literature from young to the old generation. Traveling to museums is my go to especially when I need some peace of mind and a nice day to just relax and learn something new at the same time.

I would definitely go back and experience more out of this museum. The next time I will be here maybe by December when there’s a new exhibition so I could see new artwork showcased by the exhibition, hoping for another French or Italian themed exhibition.

If ever you’re in Abu Dhabi, the Louvre should definitely be on your TO GO list!



    1. It is! Same here, been planning since last year pero buti natuloy na talaga. Matagal ding paghihintay kahit super lapit lang sa amin.

  1. Love all the shots Nicka. I love museums too and I hope to visit this when we are able to travel in Abu Dhabi soon. Well, when that happens, a meet-up is a must.

  2. I’ve been wanting to visit this museum for a while now! Can I just your photography is AMAZING! Glad you got to go and have a great time there! xx

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