A Netflix Show Made Me Write This

Its official I’m making this, “A Netflix Show Made Me Write This” a part of my blog as a series. If you want to do this as well, you just have to post about a Netflix show or movie that you recently loved and inspired you to write something about. May it be your review, your own take of how you understood the show or how you related to it, anything that falls under that spectrum. I wish everyone would do this too. Don’t forget to tag or link it to me if you do.

Enough of this, let’s get down to business.

Flavors of Youth, from the producers of Your Name, comes an anthology of nostalgia, beauty and first love all set in the beautiful city life of China.


I watched this movie without knowing anything about it. It was a whole new different film that made me realize things about how we live our lives; the past, present, and future, how these three timelines can affect us differently. 

The Rice Noodles

I thought it was going to be a movie about a boy who pursues his dreams as a chef in Beijing but I was in all means wrong. The first story was so close to me, growing up with my grandparents it touched my heart. It’s all about nostalgia and how a bowl of noodles can bring you back to your childhood. Nonetheless, it depicts every stage in life how every bowl of noodles he eats also changes. How something so special and dear to you can change. No matter how you look into it, if it’s not meant to be in your life you have to face reality and move forward.


The past can be a scary place to go back to. Happy memories turned into darkness. The things you were once used to is now gone. As you grow everything changes; some things will never change and some things will. Today might bring you all the sadness but yesterday’s comfort will always linger. The place and the people you once knew will all fade away but there’s one thing that will keep you going even though everyone is leaving; hope.

A Little Fashion Show


Sometimes we take responsibility because we thought we just have to. Life is like a fashion show, it can be beautiful with all the glitz and glam but behind the scenes, it’s stressful and downright chaotic. Don’t be that person who realizes the importance of something or somebody when it’s gone. Right now is what matters most, you must cherish it. Learn to value what you have now. Don’t take things for granted just because you know you will always have it back. Some things have no reassurance of coming back. Some things will never stay the same. I say, If you want it, don’t let it go. 

Love in Shanghai

That one word which can make you feel thousands of emotions, love.  In life, we have been in situations where we don’t notice or listen to the people around us. Sometimes it leads to miscommunication and missed opportunities. This story was by far the best and more complex when it comes to hard-hitting emotions. 

I’m not gonna make excuses to my future self and regret it.


Yes, we may have done horrible, stupid or silly things in the past, we can never change them. WE CANNOT UNWIND TIME. Never let your past define you. Live today as if it’s the best day you’ve ever had. Don’t be afraid of what lies ahead of you. The future can be daunting but it’s not something to be scared of but rather something to be thankful for.

This movie paints a picture of life as we relive our memories, the poetic tones and beautiful animation can bring you back to those unforgettable moments in your life. While we continue on living day by day the memories we made guide us to a much better future.



  1. I really loved this movie as well. While my tear ducts got a break from crying (unlike in Your Name ), all of the stories were heartbreaking and heartwarming. It was beautifully animated, evident by the gorgeous sceneries depicted. The values imparted in this movie is something you can keep and treasure. Thank you for the wonderful insights, Nicka.

  2. Love the idea of the theme! I just posted about my love for netflix’s To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before! I’ve never watched what you talked about, but so glad you enjoyed them

  3. Those movies look interesting. I wish I could watch more shoes and movies regularly, so I could talk or write about them and share my thoughts.. I wish I could find more time to do that. Thanks for this silent reminder to allow ourselves some time to relax and just watch even for just a short period of time

  4. Wish I could watch a lot of movies so I could also do this, but I’m not really a “movie” person. >.< But maybe I can do "a blogger made me write this"? hehe anyway, love this new series, Nicka! Love the new website! Love everything in here!!!

  5. Im in need of some new Netflix series for me and my partner to watch. Think I might have to add some of these to our list!xx

  6. Thank you for giving me something new to watch hehe
    I loved your name so much! I don’t even want to watch the trailer for this because I don’t want to spoil anything lol
    If I do this, I will definitely tag you in it, it’s such a good series for netflix watchers like me ha

  7. Love the sound of this blog post! I love how these shows hit home a bit. I can imagine how a bowl of noodles can bring people back to childhood, especially from an Asian family. I agree with you about how whatever happens now is what matters the most! We can make the most out of now and have no regrets if we look back. I need to go renew my Netflix sub! Thanks for sharing :).

    Nancy ♥

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