Au Revoir 2016, Thank you!


You’re reading this right now? Congrats you’ve made it to the last page of the year!

Advance Happy New Year everyone! What a year 2016 has been, full of surprises, heartbreaks and achievements but still it’s a pretty good year to be thankful for.


  • Blogging: Some of you would know that my blog turned 1 last May! I can’t believe that I would commit myself from blogging and posting reviews. I have to say that blogging plays a big part in my life right now, it changed me as a person. In the past, I doubted myself but now I am more confident to be more outgoing and experience new things. I never thought that I’ll be able to know a lot of amazing people from across the world. Clearly it has been a great year for me, so blessed!

I am incredibly grateful to all the bloggers that I met and became my friends; Bianca (The Ultimate Fangirl) , Jasmine (Jasmine Pearl Reads), JM (Book Freak Revelation), Beatrice (Beatrice Learns To Read), Ate Kath (The Last Reader), Hazel (Stay Bookish), Nikka (Paper & Trees), Imo (Amidst The Pages), Bea (Confessions of A Pinay Bookaholic), Ate Pearl (Pages of Pearl) and many more awesome bloggers who continue to inspire me. I haven’t met some of them but hopefully soon.

To the publishers who made me part of their blogger family and trusted me with reviewing their books. THANK YOU!

  • My friends: I don’t know if my friends will ever read this post but I want to thank all of you for making my 2016 the best! Lost a few but gained a lot, found myself a new book and food buddy too. For those who stayed and believed in me, thank you! I am so grateful to all the support and the love I received this year, always remember that I will be here for you as you are for me. *hugs* 
  • My family: Always and forever thankful for them! For never doubting me and believing that I can do anything! I love you all.


I never imagined how time flies so fast, the first quarter of the year I didn’t know what I was doing then after that I was loaded with school work never had the chance to fully enjoy anything I liked doing, well most of us can relate to this. Haha! 2016 has been an AMAZING year for me though there were a few bumps on the road but thankfully I was able to maneuver my way back on the right track and continued on living a happy life. This year taught me a lot of things, things I will forever keep in mind.

  • Always be grateful. A simple smile or thank you to someone who made an extra effort to help you when you were feeling down or when you find your lessons in school too hard. Be thankful for all the blessings that you’ve received this year. Be thankful for the people who stayed by your side, those who never judged you instead they’ve help to become a better version of yourself.


  • Be the bigger person. Yes! This one is very important. We all know that we can’t agree with everyone’s opinion or we can’t stand someone’s attitude there’s only one solution for that. Be mature, be mature enough to understand the situation, be mature enough to make that decision; if you’re going to stay or walk away and just let it go.


  • Relationships? It can wait! Don’t pressure yourself in finding your special someone. The best way to do for now is to discover yourself first, know yourself more, focus on the things you want to do, go explore and travel the world alone. It might sound a little selfish but at the end of the day you’ll thank yourself. Don’t feel left out because you don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend, it takes time to find a serious relationship. I am no expert, just so you know but I think what’s important when you’re in  relationship is that you both help build each other’s dreams. Don’t force yourself to be in love, be careful you might fall out of it. Instead of finding the right person be that right person.


  • Stressed out or you’re feeling down? Pray! This works 10000x better than any stress reliever routines that you’re doing. When I was struggling with that one subject in class I always pray that somehow I can pass that subject, well of course I had to exert effort too, you know? When I thought I was going to fail, when I thought I had no one out there listening to me, HE was there. I can’t thank him enough with all the blessings he gave me this year.


So many things happened this year to be honest but at the end what’s more important is that we learn from our mistakes! Failing is an option but you can choose to brush it off and try again but this time double your efforts. Do what you love to do, don’t let anyone tell you what you’re suppose to do. Your only limit is yourself. It’s your life, live it the best way possible. Appreciate the little things, appreciate your existence. Always remember BE YOURSELF! You are wanted, try to appreciate yourself more.

Say this with me, “I am so ready for you 2017! I will stand up no matter how many times you will strike me down, I am strong, I am fearless, I can make it through anything.

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