Book Review: Better Left Buried by Emma Haughton




Brother dead. 
Best friend missing.
House ransacked.
Stalked by a stranger.
Attacked in the street…

…And Sarah has no idea why.

She never knew her brother was hiding a dark secret when he died. But now his reckless actions have led the wolves to her door. And the only way out is to run.



Title: Better Left Buried
Author: Emma Haughton
Genre: Young Adult,  Mystery
Pages: 300
Published May 1st 2015 by Usborne Publishing
Rating: 4/5






“I want to thank the publisher, Usborne Publishing for sending a review copy of this book this will not affect nor influence my review.”

The thing about mystery thriller books is that it’s hard to tell what your thoughts are without giving any spoiler but I’ll try my best to give you guys a spoiler-free review.
A few months back, I read Emma Haughton’s novel Now You See Me which I loved! The way she writes her novels is simply mesmerizing. The plot twists are always on point!

In this novel we get to know the main character Sarah, who had lost her brother from some uncertain reasons.What I loved about her is that she’s a simple teen experiencing life’s challenges but still manages to get through it, preparing for her audition, going to her part time job, going to school; her mother trying to cope up with what happened, her dad trying to fix things so that their family wouldn’t fall apart. I love how realistic and raw the emotions are, the author handled the issue about grief very well, it didn’t seem that the author was trying too hard, it just came naturally. 

Sarah was being stalked by a strange guy… who later on became the reason why her best friend began to act weird and distant to her. As the story progresses, things started to unveil, she learned a lot of things about her brother that she didn’t knew before. She dug deep only to find out what her brother’s most kept secret was. 

I enjoyed reading this book so much! The characters were realistic, I guess that’s why I felt the connection between them, same with the story line. It was a fast read, never a dull moment every chapter is written well. The thing about Emma Haughton’s books is something to do with their endings, I mean come on there’ll  better be a sequel! It’s not a bad thing though, the way she writes the final chapters keeps me wanting more from the book. I highly recommend her books for you guys to read! 


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