Book Review: Black Fairy Tale by Otsuichi

Title: Black Fairy Tale
Author: Otsuichi translated by Nathan Collins
Genre: YA, Horror, Fantasy
Pages: 231
Edition: Netgalley – Kindle
Rating: 4.3/5




“If it meant that she could see light again, I’d paint the world with blood.”

The story starts with a raven and a little girl named Nami whose eyes were destroyed by an accident, the raven would visit the girl everyday and talk to her until all of a sudden the raven decided to help the girl see again, it would collect eyeballs and give it to the girl so she can be happy again but little did the raven know that it let the girl see memories of the past owner rather than what’s in real world. One day, Nami lost her memory  that’s when things started to change…

It was my first time reading a  book by a Japanese author, I liked the plot of the story I wasn’t familiar about the fairy tales that was included in this though I find them very dark but absolutely written well. There were a few parts of the story that intertwines with each other that I find confusing at times but I got the hang of it anyway. It was a perfect combination of horror with a touch of mystery. I have to say the writing style was absolutely great though maybe the translator had an influence to it or not. 

After Nami lost her memory she would see or hallucinate whenever her left eye acts up, it was like a film reel within her left eye that would open and let her see things that was once part of the past owner’s memories. As days passed, the eye would let her see memories that will later on help her solve an incident and make her see how one person can do horrible things. The old Nami was a total achiever, people loved her but as she lost her memory she became a different person especially to her parents. I noticed that the parents in this story was very distant and uninterested to her. The whole story doesn’t only revolve around Nami, we can see multiple perspectives and that’s what I loved about this. My only issue about this book is that it showed grotesque scenes, horrid scenes and images that I think some readers would not like.

I absolutely enjoyed this book! It had the factors that I was looking for in a horror novel, I highly recommend this if you’re a Horror Mystery kind of reader, this book won’t disappoint you.





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