Extinction of All Children by L.J. Epps

Title: Extinction of All Children
Author: L.J. Epps
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Dystopian
Pages: 231
Edition/Publication: Kindle
Rating: 2.8/5

Emma Whisperer was born in 2080, in the small futuristic world of Craigluy. It was ruled by President Esther for the last-twenty years, she has divided their world into three territories, separated by classes—the rich, the working class, and the poor—because she believes the poor should not mingle with the others that is why they aren’t allowed to have more children because they don’t have the means to take care of one. Any baby that will be born is going to be killed. As Emma’s birthday approaches the president announces that there is going to be a party held to honor her, the last child in the territory. The only question is why was her life spared? Is it just fate or there’s something more to it…

The cover and description of the book really caught my attention, I was so excited diving into this book but I was disappointed the main reason is that somehow it was kind of anti-climactic. I was flying through the pages, it was fast-paced and I was clearly shocked that I was almost finished reading the story and there were no “intense” moments that was happening. I was expecting more action and fights but I didn’t get any of those.

I did like the plot but I think there were unnecessary things in this book that shouldn’t be part of it in the first place, the book would be in it’s best shape even if some of the scenes that I think were repetitive weren’t included, it just made some chapters and scenes longer especially when Emma was in training. And I have to tell you there were a lot of back and forth scenes from the jail to the training room that I think could’ve been avoided, it was also lacking the story of what’s happening outside the mansion.

The main character Emma was brave, she was the only one who stood up and fought for what is right, she was against the rules in their territory but I have to say that this book has poor character development, it didn’t tell me much about the other characters. Nevertheless I quite enjoyed reading this book and I might read the sequel because this book was left with loose ends.

If you loved the Hunger Games or the Divergent series you might enjoy reading this. I have to admit Dystopian novels aren’t really my cup of tea.





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