Title: How to love

Author: Katie Cotugno

Genre: YA, Contemporary 

Pages: 389


                                                        MY RATING: 2.5/5 ⭐️

I’m lost for words… As I started reading this book I was stocked because I never read anything like this, with a before and after transition setting. When I was down with the few chapters it got really boring. The story plot was okay but the flow of the story was really slow-paced and lacks something that I thought in the end will satisfy my reading.

This was about a girl named Serena “Reena” Montero and her love of her life Sawyer LeGrande. The Synopsis at the back of the book really caught my interest but I didn’t feel any giddy feeling of being in love in this book. It just showed how they ended up being together in just a swift. After Serena thought that everything was going great with their “relationship”, Sawyer left her without a word. So 2 years after that “incident” Sawyer got back and he already knew he had a baby with Reena. I was waiting for something emotional or any dramatic dialogue from him but none. Sawyer didn’t seem to pull off his charm with the reader(me), sorry pretty boy! I don’t understand Reena’s POV at all. The main characters didn’t have a strong connection with me. It’s just BLAH… 

I’m sorry but I didn’t like the whole story, I was waiting for something that will blow my mind in the end but I was just disappointed. Nothing happened it just ended. 


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