Book Review: The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas


Title: The Darkest Corners
Author: Kara Thomas
Genre: YA, Mystery, Thriller
Edition/Publication: Hardcover – Delacorte
Rating: 4.3/5



“Every now and then another answer to what happened that night sneaks in from the darkest corners of my mind.”

Young best friends, Tessa and Callie testified to put a man behind bars when they were nine years old, little did they know what really lies within the dark corners… Did they really knew what they saw that night? Did their testimonies really put the serial killer into jail or let another killer on the loose?

After 10 years Tessa was back in Fayette, Pennsylvania and things will about to unravel as she finds out the truth about what really happened that night.

Believe me when I say that I read this book in just 3 hours, I’m not denying that I myself is a true fan of mystery thriller novels. I would definitely consider this books as a Mystery rather than Thriller.“So this is like a Sherlock Holmes thing.” As I was reading the first few chapters I was already having suspicions and theories but the only thing I didn’t like about this book is sometimes it was a bit slow and kinda dragged down a little bit, I guess the author was just trying to lay all the information down in order to fit the pieces to solve the puzzle. It was seriously written in a way that you will understand what was happening from time to time it will never leave you unanswered.

Indeed this book was dark and full of secrets, lies… white lies. The writing style made me want to read more and to keep in mind that I shouldn’t miss any single detail that might help me figure out who was the real culprit.

Let’s talk about the characters, each of them were struggling; Callie she made sure that she has forgotten what happened when she was young by being an alcoholic, drowning herself and assuring that when she wakes up the next day it will all fade away. On the other hand, Tess, she had the courage to comeback and face everything just to find the answers, the real answers. Their relationship was complex but I did like that even though they had a rough past they agreed to work together just to know the truth, they were really determined and passionate about knowing who was the serial killer.

The Darkest Corners is the best book if you like mystery/crime novels! The storyline, plot twists and the revelations that was slowly unraveling will literally leave you mind f*cked! You will say, “I didn’t expect that, what was happening?, wait! what now?” but you will really enjoy it. I highly recommend this to everyone. 🙂



“The worse things in the world than monters, and somehow, they always manage to find me.”

“I figure there’s only so much we can beat ourselves up about, things we wish we’d done differently, before we’re broken beyond repair.”

“There are some things we can never forget, no matter how much we want to. But for the first time in a long tine, I want to remember.”






  1. I think there’s a goodreads giveaway going on for this book right now. I just have to go and enter or wait till it’s available in India. Sounds great and with two different characters doing opposite things, lovely review.

  2. I have this one on my TBR and it sounds like it would be a perfect read for a rainy day. Rain and mystery novels just go together perfectly, right? I love that you included a playlist along with this review (listening to it as I type this comment). Enjoyed the review!

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