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Hey there bookworms!

I saw this tag on Booktube so I decided to do this one on my blog 😉 


  1. If you could invite one author and one of their fictional characters for tea who would you invite and what would you serve?
  • It’s going to be Rick Riordan, my favorite author everrrrr and of course I’m also going to invite Percy Jackson 😉 we will be having blue pancakes and some dam fries with ambrosia we actually don’t drink tea.

2. What would you love a prequel for and what would be the main storyline?

  • Let’s see, how about the Marauders? It will be a great prequel! We’ll get to know more about them and how they’ve met and all that good stuff. I miss reading The Harry Potter series.

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3. Which two characters not from the same book would make a great book couple?

  • Oh! I can’t think of any, hmm maybe Noah Shaw and me LOL! or Etienne and me

4. If you ran into your favorite author on the subway and could only say one sentence to       them, what would you say?

  • If I ever saw J.K. Rowling on the subway, I would totally freak out but I’ll absolutely say this to her, “You are my childhood.” 

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5. What book made you a reader and why?

  •  I started reading books that were locally published here in our country, some of my favorite Filipino authors are Bob Ong, Mina Esguerra, Ines Yao and Marla Miniano. The book that made me reader was One Crazy summer by Ines B. Yao, it’s cute and fluffy summer read with a little bit of romance, it made me want to read more Chic Lits back when I was in high school.


6. If your bookshelf was caught on fire which book would you save?

  • I can’t answer this question!!!! If there’s a book like how to move-on when your bookshelf was caught on fire I would definitely save that book, but I guess I’ll save a copy of my bible.

7. Which dystopian world would you want to live in?

  • I do not intend to live in any dystopian world I still love my life…

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8. What is your most epic read of all time?

  • The Harry Potter series! I can’t pick just one because all of the books in the series has a special place in my heart.


I tag you, you and you! 😉

If you want to do this tag even if I didn’t tag you, feel free and comment below the link of your blog post so I could check it out! 🙂


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