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The Philippine Readers & Writers Festival 2016 Recap


Some of you might not know that I started uni last August 1st and I had been VERY busy with school lately, trying to adjust again with my daily schedule and all that. It’s my last year in uni so I promised myself that I should attend events & book signings more often even though my schedule is quite hectic especially in the next few months. I’m trying to be more active in the book community since I started blogging last year I really wanted to meet my fellow Filipino bloggers in the flesh and guess what? It happened last weekend! They were so nice and wonderful, I had a great time talking to them and discussing about books, bookstagram, blogging and all that fun stuff! I hope I can meet some of you too SOON…

I should get started with my recap 😉


Last week National Bookstore hosted an event dedicated to all readers and writers in our country, The Philippine Readers and Writers Festival 2016. It was an amazing event, I only attended one panel sad to say, I wanted to attend some but I only had limited time so I had to go with Book Blogging 101: Growing Web and Social Media Presence to Promote Books, the queens of book blogging were there as panelists, they gave inspiring tips and advice when it comes to starting up your own blog and how you can make it grow with the help of social media. I’ll be listing some tips and lessons I learned from them & I’ll be adding some advice for you guys!

  1. If you read, you’re a reader & if you write, you’re a writer. There’s no such thing as standards when it comes to being a reader or a writer, anyone can be one. No one can stop you from doing the things that you love, your only limit is yourself.
  2. Book blogging is not a privilege, but consider it as a bonus, Kate Manalo said. I have to agree with her, book blogging is really hard to do if you’re working or still studying it takes up a lot of your time, it actually requires a lot of it. Plus effort!
  3. Don’t feel bad if you’re not receiving ARCs , this doesn’t define you as a blogger, you don’t need to receive advance readers copy just to be entitled as a full pledged book blogger.
  4. It takes time to gain a number of following but always remember keep posting book reviews, discussions and anything that you like on your blog don’t let the numbers get into your head that you only do blogging is for the sake of getting followers.
  5. Investing in things that you love gives you satisfaction same goes when it comes to bookstagramming, though you’re not really required to have an expensive camera just to take photos, your phone is enough you just have to have good editing apps to tweak your photos a little bit or just natural light, it will do the trick.

So yeah, those are some of the things that I wanted to let you guys know, oh and if you’re deciding to start a blog, go read JM’s post all about the How To’s in book blogging plus his recap also Book Freak Revelations



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Me and Hazel (left) are so cute 😀

I’m with Ursula! 


Thank you again for National Bookstore for hosting this event, it was indeed a great experience for me!

Who was at the event?

What panels did you attended?

Tell me some of your most unforgettable moments at any bookish events!


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