Keep The Faith by Ana Tejano


Title: Keep The Faith

Author: Ana Tejano

Genre: Romance

Kindle Edition

Published July 31st 2016 by Romance Class Books

Rating: 5/5


As a community development worker, Faith was quite familiar with heartbreak and recovery after all the time she spent on disaster relief missions. So when her five-year relationship ends right before she left for a mission trip to a typhoon-stricken town in Iloilo, she tries not to make a big deal out of it. How can she be broken up about a breakup when she’s with people who literally lost everything?

But now that she’s back, all Faith wants is for her life to go back to normal and have people stop looking at her with pity. Never mind that she still has a lot of questions about the breakup, or that she feels a tiny ache every time her ex comes up in conversations. She’s okay now, and happily distracted by Nico Tamayo, the attractive new guy at work.

With new possibilities in the horizon, Faith thinks she is well on her way to moving on. But when her past comes calling back to her, will all the good things in her present be enough to keep her on the path? Or will she finally learn that there was more to heartbreak and recovery than what she knows?



I received an ecopy of this book for a blog tour hosted by the author, Ana Tejano! Thank you so much!

Let’s start by how much feels this book gave me! I just have to say that recovering from a broken heart is not easy. The story actually gave justice to this specific topic. And now as a result, I WANT MY OWN NICO TAMAYO!!!!!

I started reading this when I was on my way to work, you know trying to entertain myself while I was stuck in Metro Manila’s traffic. Even though I was only on the first chapter I couldn’t help but smile. The scene when they set eyes on each other, sparks flied! *literally* Kinilig ako

The author’s way of writing was truly beautiful. I’ll be adding Ana Tejano as one of my favorite Filipino authors, so from now on any book she releases is an auto buy for me! 

“The thing about heartbreak, I realized, is it’s not really about waiting for things to stop hurting before you start moving. A broken heart can and will heal in time, but for time to actually do its job, I needed to acknowledge what I had lost, and move on.”

“The grace is not about forgetting, but knowing you can start anew.”

Where do broken hearts go? To relief and rescue operations. (Ang corny ko!)

The story didn’t only focused on Nico and Faith’s love story but also on how Faith was able to recover from her recent break-up. I loved how this story has a religious(Christian) aspect to it, it had a deeper meaning to and I think that it made me understood the story more. The main character’s growth throughout the book is what I admired the most. She was determined to leave the past behind and start anew. She wanted to give herself a second chance in finding love, a love that didn’t expect she would find in the most unexpected person she’d ever met. 

This book reminds me of Lady Gaga’s single “Million Reasons”, when I heard the lyrics “Every heartbreak makes it hard to keep the faith” then from that very moment I knew that this song is perfect for this book! Please do listen to it and tell me what you think of it 😉

Do I recommend this? HECK YES! So if you don’t know where to start your #romanceclass journey you better start with Keep The Faith! You won’t regret anything. I will be considering to reread this book as soon as I buy a physical copy of it!!!




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