Meaningful Change with Magnify 3.0

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I miss talking to all of you, here’s my new post! I hope you’ll learn a thing or two 🙂

A lot of people don’t know what I do beside from blogging about books. I am an advocate (sort of) let’s put it this way “I am a beginner” when it comes to this but I have been very passionate about doing this for a long time now and finally I had the chance to take my very first step into a whole new way of helping others. I advocate youth empowerment and quality education! Right now as graduation day is just around the corner, I asked myself what comes after graduation? “What’s my next step?” “Should this be my last stop?” just then I realized, why stop here? when I can do more to help those people in need.

Side note: I actually took the online quiz to know what type of personality I have and to no surprise, I’m an ADVOCATE (INFJ-A). you should take the test too;

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I am ready to share with you my awesome experience last February 19 at the University of Santo Thomas!


What is Magnify?

Magnify seeks to aim for the betterment of society and empowers children’s rights through the means of volunteerism while inspiring the youth to be more ceative, dedicated and compassionate. 

It is multi-dimensional as it focuses on different aspects such as teaching the youth the importance of sustainable development and the issues that are needed to address such as education, health care, and protection for the children.

UST volunteers for UNICEF is the only organization that promotes children’s rights in the said university.

To be a volunteer is not an obligation; to be a volunteer is concrete in nature.

Let’s start by knowing what meaningful change is, how can each one of us make this meaningful change happen. Of course with the help of various organizations that are supporting different sectors in which they will provide seminars, events that can raise awareness about certain issues our country is facing today.

Youth Empowerment, kids nowadays are more likely to be more adventurous and more risk taker than kids before. As a citizen of our country everyone of us wants to help may it be just in the simplest ways possible. Every one of us wants to light up something even if it is surrounded by darkness, we still want to reach that hidden depth and maybe just maybe discover what lies in those darkest corners. BUT not all that light will guide you in the right path, it may lead you astray to the point that you will get LOST in your life, you might find hardships and feel that your life is falling apart but always remember; There is always kindness around us. You might not see it as often as you would like but believe me there are still people out there, throwing kindness like it’s confetti. Those are the people who do things genuinely. As we travel different paths of life we might find stories about the people we meet along the way, stories that are important to be told and to be heard, stories that might change a person’s life. We would never know until we start listening.

I am excited to see what advocating has in store for me in the future but for now it’s all about empowering the youth, every human being in this planet has the right to live, to be respected and to be appreciated!


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