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She opened her eyes but in her mind, she wanted to go back to sleep.

This will be just another ordinary day for me, she thought.

After a few minutes, she got into her senses and decided to prepare for work. She did her usual boring routine. Tidy up her bed, eat breakfast, take a shower, put on an outfit that says “I’m ready to face this day” and for a while, she looked at the mirror and stared at her own reflection.

What if mirrors aren’t mirrors, what if they are an open door but your reflection blocks you from entering it because at the other side there are bad things that are happening, that’s why your reflection is always in front of you.

She just shrugged at her own thoughts and headed outside. As she was walking down the street, she suddenly stopped when an old lady sitting outside a cafe caught her attention. The old lady was looking at her intently but it didn’t give her any weird feeling.

It’s true, those are doors just waiting to be explored by those who are willing to take risks in their lives. I know what you’re thinking, don’t be scared of life, it has it’s ups and downs but never give up on yourself.  The old lady said to her while looking directly into her eyes.

At that moment, she thought that it wasn’t going to be a boring day after all.


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  1. I once read somewhere before na what if mirrors are alternate universe daw and when we look at mirrors, we are just seeing ourselves from the other side of the world and we’re just looking at ourselves at the same time. Haha wala lang!! Naalala ko lang! Have a great day ahead!

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