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August has finally ended and here we are welcoming a new month. Congrats to us for making it through another rollercoaster ride!
Setting monthly goals was never a thing that I do because somehow I have commitment issues. I’m not that type of person who writes down my goals for every month though I am a bit of a freak when it comes to organizing. I had no luck in bullet journaling that’s why I went with my usual personal journal where I write my thoughts and opinions.
For me, my goals are more personal and not about the stats. I think that setting a goal with numbers create too much pressure. It can eventually stress me out if I don’t reach those number/s within the month. So I’m doing this as a part of my self-care. So it’s all about how I want to see things change for me in one month.


1. Interact more.

I love meeting new people IRL. I really want to interact more with my readers and other fellow bloggers. So if you wanna have a talk about basically anything you can send me an email and DM. For advice and recommendations, I’m here to help!

2. Discover new blogs

YES! I know there are amazing bloggers out there; big or small. I want to read and share their content for everyone to see. I always get inspired by these bloggers to do more and be a better version of myself. Reading their stories and posts can brighten up my day.

3. Post on my blog once a week.

Since last month was the best month I had so far. THANK YOU GUYS FOR SUPPORTING ME & MY BLOG! I set up a blogging schedule, where I post 1-2x each week. Thursday/Friday depending on what time zone you’re in. As much as I want to share with you my content every day. It’s impossible for me to write and edit with the amount of time I have left after work.


1. Take care of myself more; emotionally and physically.

Sometimes, I overwork everything to the point where I forget to ask myself if I’m okay. I want to be stress-free this month though that would be impossible. So I’ll just put in a way that I can somehow manage my stress and be more productive. Take breaks whenever needed and keep calm whenever hard situations come to pass.

2. Read a book or two

Ah. Yes. For this month, I would like to read books as much as I can. I am always looking forward to reading books these days but I don’t really have the time to do so. That’s why I’ll add up 20-30 mins reading time before I go to bed or whenever I have free time. I know it’s a hard thing to start doing but I know small habits can be a big difference.

3. Eat healthy and exercise daily.

As every human being everywhere says that they would go on a diet but will have their cheat day the next day. That includes me! Here I am setting a goal to eat more healthy food and exercise for 30 mins daily. I haven’t consumed any soda for the last 4 years and that is somehow a big commitment for me. So I am trying to incorporate fruits and veggies minus the junk foods in my meals and snacks.

4. Listen to music.

Listening to music is definitely one of the best things that I do every day. This month, I want to discover new artists and songs that I can add to my playlist. I don’t know why, but listening to music uplifts my mood any time of the day even when I’m having the toughest day. Would appreciate it if you could share your favorite songs.

5. Travel to one place I’ve never been before.

You know me, I love to travel and going to different places. I’m working a 9-5 job and being able to travel can be a bit tricky. Since the UAE has beautiful places that can satisfy my cravings, I plan to visit one spot every month. I’m taking you along with me, my first stop for this month is the Louvre in Abu Dhabi. Yes, we also have the Louvre museum here!!! It’s like the one in Paris!! I’m so excited.

6. Believe in myself more.

So many people have laughed at the things I believed in. For them, it seems too good to be true but I won’t let that get me and stop myself from pursuing my goals. No matter how ridiculous it may seem to them. I’ll just do my own things and let it fall right into its place.

7. Write in my journal every week.

Journaling helps me with my mental health. It keeps me sane and calm during those dark moments where I don’t know what else to do. My journal is my best friend where I can tell all my secrets to. I want to write in my journal weekly so I can track what I did and how I felt.
No matter what your goals are this month or for the months to come. Have faith in it. Do your best but don’t pressure yourself too much in achieving your goals. Let it be a fun and exciting thing you anticipate to do every month. Let’s all enjoy September and make the most out of it!
Share with me your goals for this month in the comments below!


    1. Thank you so much for reading this Raf! Take your time and eventually everything will be better. I’m always here to support you

  1. Journaling more is also on my to-do list for September! I feel like everything starts all over again from this month and it’s a bit easier than usual to be productive and get things done, so hopefully we will all be able to reach our goals 🙂

  2. Great goals. Do you pin them up to remind yourself as there are so many!
    I like that you’ve chosen a slot for when to write your posts. I look forward to reading more

  3. Great post – I think these are all really nice (and reasonable) goals! 🙂 I am a huge fan of writing down my goals because then I am more likely to actually complete them. I have been wanting to start journaling, so I hope you enjoy keeping a journal for September (maybe I will do it too!). Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna <3
    Follow me back? The Chic Cupcake

  4. I love that you’ve made goals for both your blog & yourself, and that your goals aren’t all numbers. Numbers can stress me out too especially for things like followers because you’re putting your measure of ‘success’ at the mercy of others.

  5. I love your goals . They are very important , I myself can relate to this post a lot . I have huge commitment issues and I’ve have gotten better with it by doing monthly and weekly goals. I have some of the same goals as you . I hope you accomplish all of them keep pushing . You got this!!

  6. Loved reading about your goals This month I really need to take care of my skin, and organize my messy wardrobe ‍♀️ Also, check out the monthly playlists on YouTube, they’re so good I also have a Sound Cloud account, and my user name is Bookishmema most of the songs i like are from my favorite tv shows!

  7. Good luck with your September goals! I always found interacting with other bloggers (especially with returning the love to their blog posts) valuable. We’re here to support each other :). Taking care of yourself is so important. No one else is going to do it so pamper yourself all you need! Journaling goes a long way – especially when you review it in the future!

    Nancy ♥

  8. Loved this! I have similar goals for September too! I have been journaling for about two years on and off but I want to start journaling every night before I go to bed. It really is a great way to clear your head or even figure things out. Great post and good luck with your goals!

  9. Thanks for sharing I keep forgetting to write in my journal daily, it’s definitely something i wanna pick back up this month too!!
    If you believe in yourself more and have 0 doubt, you will definitely be able to complete a lot ‍♀️

  10. Great goals, Nicka. Like you, I also struggle with numerical goals because I feel so rubbish when I don’t meet them. But I think your goals are just about having the right attitude to things in your blog and your life, and that’s a really great way to set goals.

    And this post really resonated with someone because they chose to share it for you on the BlogCrush linky! Congratulations! Feel free to grab your “I’ve been featured” blog badge if you’d like to display it. (and you’d be very welcome to join in one week because it’s a great way to find and share other blogs as well as your own) #blogcrush

  11. Omg I had no idea you lived in UAE as well! I really want to visit the museum in AD as well! Loved reading your goals! I really want to start setting goals seriously but I just don’t know where to start!

  12. Good luck! Our goals are almost similar. I want to post more but with working full time, if I were to do so I’ll hav eto sacrifice my beauty sleep or social life

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