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Skincare: My Favorites

“Skincare” has been all the rage lately and I’ve been receiving a few messages asking me what products do I use and what are my favorites so here I am going to share with you guys my current favorite Korean Skincare products.

As you’ve known from my previous post about my Korean skincare routine, I suffered from severe acne when I moved abroad. Not cool. Stress and the weather were the factors that caused my acne. I still have them now but I’m kinda getting control over it.

I had to research the products that worked well on my skin, it took some time for me to figure out which ingredients are suitable for my skin condition and needs. Green Tea, Snail Mucin & Centella has worked wonders on my skin.

These products absolutely did their job and helped with my skin concerns.

  1. Neogen Green Tea Foam Cleanser

I’ve tried a lot, like a lot of cleansers, facial wash, and facial scrubs and nothing worked on my skin better than the Neogen Green Tea Foam cleanser. This is my Holy Grail cleanser! Never will I replace this with any other product. Back when I was experiencing very bad acne I tried this and together with a few Kbeauty products that worked wonders on my skin condition. I use this as a part of my morning routine and at night I use it together with the CosRx Milk Gel cleanser/ Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser as for my double-cleansing. It doesn’t strip the moisture from my skin and it feels baby soft after using it every time.

  1. Cosrx One Step Original Clear Pad

This is the best! A gentle facial toner that helps dry out pesky pimples on my face. My other HOLY GRAIL. It also exfoliates my skin but in a gentler way as it’s okay to use every day.

  1. Jumiso Have A Good cream

This cream works on my skin. Basically, this contains Snail & Centella which my skin loves. I can vouch that this cream can deeply moisturize and does repair your skin. When I went on a vacation from the Philippines my skin was at its worst, it was so dry and oily. I tried doing my usual skincare routine there but it wasn’t working because obviously the weather and environment there is immensely different from here (Abu Dhabi). I tried this before and just stopped using it but thank God I remembered how good and moisturizing this product was so I ended up repurchasing it. Lo and behold it didn’t disappoint me and it helped my skin retain its moisture. My skin became so soft again…

  1. Cosrx shield fit All Green Comfort Sun

One thing that I like about my sunscreens is that it should leave my skin looking brighter and maybe provide a little matte finish. I do sometimes like the dewy finish but I prefer the matte finish. So I bought the combo sunscreen of CosRx when they first launched it. I liked the Green one better because I don’t need to put anymore cream to make my skin look glowing. The yellow one I use if I feel that my skin needs more moisture and it leaves my skin with a dewy finish.

  1. Tiam Fix Source

My quick fix for my stubborn pores. This serum makes my skin look flawless and makes my large pores disappear. By far the best serum I’ve ever tried and would definitely recommend for everyone that has problems with pores.


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