Unspoken Words |My First

Thank you for everything.
Thank you for staying up late at night and for the endless conversations.
Thank you for sharing your most intimate thoughts.
Thank you for your kind words that lifted my spirit in my darkest hour.
Thank you for showing me that I should be brave and strong.
Thank you for the endless laughter that we shared.
Thank you for the chances that you’ve given me.
Thank you for accepting my flaws.
Thank you for the times that you’ve understood me even though I was absurd.
And most importantly thank you for loving me at my worst.
But right now this is me saying goodbye.
This is me ending things because I know it would hurt us in the end.
This is me accepting the fact that there’s someone better for both of us (but not us being together).
I’ve always wanted to take one more chance; one more try that might change everything. But you cannot revive something that isn’t there anymore. Being with you brought me happiness and comfort. You made me feel things that I haven’t felt before. Love. Yes, that was love. But as the day ends, here I am standing in front of you. They say to never look back and start moving forward. I cannot promise that. I will surely take glimpses of the good memories that we shared and treasure them. Take bits and pieces of the lessons I learned from our bad ones. It took me a while to realize this but you are my first love. I found you but I ended up losing myself in the process. Even so, I don’t regret anything.
All good things must come to an end. For us, the end would be the beginning of finding ourselves. The beginning of taking risks and giving ourselves the chance to become the person that we wanted to be. Maybe someday, when we meet again all of this would give us a good laugh. It’s bittersweet but goodbye now my love. 
I’m leaving not to hurt you but to save myself.


  1. I can really relate to this right now. It is hard to move on from your first, but it will happen with some time. There are some up’s and down’s in the journey but it’s worthwhile. Sending you lots of love!!

    Nancy ♥

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