Unspoken Words | The Idea of Us

Every morning when I wake up
It would always be the same routine.
But today it was different,
A message popped up from my phone
With your name written on it.
Is this a joke? Or am I dreaming?
Is the universe finally conspiring, for us to be together?
Ok self cut the crap!
Stop imagining things
I had to think again.

Days passed and our conversations became deeper
Sharing jokes and laughter.
It felt odd when you told me I was beautiful
You told me you were amazed by my being.
I’m not that hard to please
But I told you I can’t trust you easily.

In the beginning, It was obvious,
We weren’t meant for each other but I took the risk.
I was young and reckless.
In the moment when we’re together,
Nothing really mattered.
It’s just you and me,
“Lovers”, you said.

“In another life, I would be your girl.”
Singing my heart out to every Katy Perry song.
“You think I’m pretty, without any makeup on.”
You were my teenage dream.
And clearly, the one that got away.

All those sleepless nights 
When we would talk on the phone,
Not minding everyone around us.
I remember the first time I called you my home.

There were times that I wanted you out of my system
You’re crazy and outrageous.
You’re a wonder, a work of art.
You’re complicated, like a puzzle,
That I want to figure out.
You’re the raging storm
That poured down on my wandering soul.
Every fight was like a nightmare
And in the end, we’ll make up again.

“I’m leaving.”
When those words left your lips,
My world suddenly stopped.
I remember when I made you cry
You told me about what’s inside your heart.
I know why you’re leaving
But why now when I realized
I love you, I love you.
I can’t get you out of my mind.

I’m no stranger to things like this.
People that I love, leaving.
It hurts every day that we’re together
Knowing from that day you’ll be gone.
I have nothing to hold on
But your promise that you’ll always love me.
I know it’s fucking cliché.
Don’t forget me.

I’m not good with goodbyes.
How will we end this?
We will stop talking
But our hearts will long for the things that should’ve been.
You bring out the best in me.
I hope I did the same for you.
Don’t forget that you’re a part of me.
You made me feel like life is worth living.

No, I’m not a damn poet,
Nor I’ll consider this as a damn poem.
All I know is I’m going to fucking miss you,
And I’ll continue to love you even when you’re gone.


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